Constitutional Change Vote March 22 - April 3

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Late last year we sent you information about a proposed Constitutional change. Those proposed amendments are attached to this notice for your review. In short, these amendments were duly moved and signed by 50 CEU members and presented at the October 2017 AGM.  We are now bringing the proposed amendment to the Membership in a referendum ballot. 

The amendment addresses the following subject:

- Proposes language changing the existing 1-year shop steward term to 2 years.

Online Voting

Over the past few years your CEU executive have been investigating the possibility of using online voting for elections and constitutional changes. To facilitate this, we were required to do a Constitutional change, which was completed in 2013.  We are happy to report all the processes required to facilitate this change are complete and the first online vote will be used for the upcoming vote on proposed changes to the Constitution and By-laws. 

We have bumped the timeline for this vote up a bit from the dates reported in the recent IMPACT.  If the turnout via online voting goes well, we will also use this method for the Vice President by-election we are required to hold shortly.

We believe this will make voting more accessible for the membership.  This notice will be providing a brief overview of the process so you can be prepared for your first online vote. 


  1. The CEU contracts with a third-party voting provider.
  2. Union office staff will ensure an updated membership list from the employer is received one week prior to the opening of the voting period. (We are now receiving ongoing updated membership lists from the employer that includes your work email address. This is the address the voting link will be sent to.)
  3. To confirm member eligibility to vote, the Balloting Committee will review and sign off the voter list prior to sending to the provider. 
  4. The Balloting Committee will also complete a trial vote for Accuracy testing with the election hosting company. 
  5. The Balloting Committee will sign off on the Accuracy testing when they are satisfied with the results.  This sign off makes the election a binding process.
  6. Votes will be cast by using the online system. 
  7. All CEU members are eligible to vote.

There will be an opportunity for you to provide the Union office an alternate (personal) email address in the event you will not be at work during any voting period and therefore unable to access your work email to receive the link. This will make it much easier for people on leaves or working at different locations to vote.

What will it look like?

The provider will be sending individual emails to all members that will contain a voting link and their unique identifier. When you access the voting site you must enter your unique identifier, which will take you to the ballot page. This is a simple yes or no vote. You will be able to review the proposed recommendations prior to casting your ballot from a link on the ballot page.

Each unique identifier can only cast one ballot. Once a ballot is cast that unique identifier is deactivated, so you cannot change your selection. The provider will send the tabulated results to the Balloting Committee the following day.


Voting for these proposed amendments will open at 8:30 on March 22 and will remain open for seven working days, closing April 3 at 4:30.  We will be sending a reminder email a few days before the vote opens.

If you know you will not be able to access your work email during this time to receive the link and unique identifier, please contact Bethany Glover ( ) at the Union office to provide a personal email. We must receive this personal email by 1:00 pm on March 12. After that date additions cannot be made to the voter role. 


If you have any questions about this voting process please contact Sandra Wright (; Debbie Naidu ( or Kristy Child (